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Muddy Ruckus is a rock duo of “darkly inventive americana” according to the New York Music Daily. Guitarist Ryan Flaherty and drummer Erika Stahl of Portland, Maine play a grungy style of railroad indie punk blues. This stripped-down power-duo blends rootsy guitar and edgy percussion on a suitcase drum kit, and is known for a full rock band sound. 


2020 :: Let Go  

By Muddy  Ruckus

Releases May 15, 2020. 

2019 :: Footsteps  

By Muddy  Ruckus

Released Dec 20, 2019. 

2019 :: From The Floor  

By Muddy  Ruckus

Released Oct 18, 2019. 

“Unnerving while in perfect harmony. It’s like goth-Americana playing on a loop at the funeral of rock ‘n’ roll. Real and raw, don’t miss them in the flesh." - Motif Magazine

2019 :: Naive Pilgrim  

By Muddy  Ruckus

Released August 23, 2019. 

2019 :: Perfectly Aligned  

By Muddy  Ruckus

Released July 19, 2019 on Rocktorium Records

2019 :: Chasm  

By Muddy  Ruckus

Released May 10, 2019. 

2019 :: Muddy Ruckus + Z-Boys  

Split Vinyl EP  Suffering and Light" and "Third Rail"

Released March 22, 2019 on Rocktorium Records. 


2019 :: Brimstone

Muddy Ruckus recently released their new single Brimstone on Jan 25th, 2019. The song was recorded in their home studio in Maine. It begins with a haunting whistle to hook you in, followed by a jangly guitar and profound lyrics like “and I believe i’ll forget all about you, it’s the best thing I can do - for my anger it won’t bring me nothing but those foolish brimstone blues”. Transitioning between alternative rock and folk fusion, the duo keeps a foot in each door by  featuring several of their influences in just one song. "The band is reigning in the ruckus and revealing a bit of their softness with their new single Brimstone, featuring bassist Mark Abraham from Enter The Haggis. Haunting whistles and warm, soulful harmonies lure you in — all the while building up into a powerful, rootsy, instant rock classic you’ll want to play again and again. Listen and hear their unique blend of seasoning, spices, and textures from a road well traveled helping you to ease your mind and go wherever the music takes you."  - Rad Plaid

2018 :: Bellows To Mend

June 1st, 2018, Muddy Ruckus released their third album Bellows To Mend - amping things up to be their loudest and most raucous album, unleashing more gritty garage blues and grunge influences along with a tribute cover to Woody Guthrie. Several songs feature virtuosic fiddle shredding from the bands long time friend and violinist Daisy Castro. Shortly before the album released, Muddy Ruckus was awarded  Rock n' Roller's of the Year  by Redline Roots. "Bellows to Mend captures the manic passion of Muddy Ruckus’ live performances while demonstrating how much depth just two musicians can pull from the studio. With much love to their previous efforts, this is hands down their best work so far." - Evolvement Radio, album reviews.

2017 :: Awakening Enkindled EP

August 20, 2017, Muddy Ruckus two song EP Awakening Enkindled  featuring more of a lyrical side and drawing back to the folksy vibe of their first album. In that same year, Muddy Ruckus was awarded Rock N’ Rollers of the Year from Redline Roots. 

2016 :: Pretty Bones

In the summer of 2016, Muddy Ruckus dropped their second record Pretty Bones and was awarded 2016 Album of the Year  by Redline Roots. The duo was also called Best in State of Maine  by the New England Music Awards in that same year.  Pretty Bones was a fiery follow up to their roots-driven self-titled debut from 2014, adding an even more raucous flair to their brand of folk-laden duo-stomp rock. "It's rare that a band releases a burner for their sophomore album, the kind you listen to the entire way through and then hit repeat. Yet Muddy Ruckus do just that with Pretty Bones" - Glide Magazine


2014 :: Muddy Ruckus 

On October 30, 2014, Muddy Ruckus released their debut album. Stahl was only singing at the time and Flaherty was still playing many shows solo with just guitar and his suitcase kick, which later became the featured instrument in Erika's set up. With the help of Stahl, Flaherty put together a band to go on tour with and record the songs that appear on their debut. "It was really more of a demo" explains Flaherty. "It's an obscure album for us, when Muddy Ruckus was still in the womb, trying to find a home. I was jamming and playing with a lot of bluegrass and jazz players at the time, so those elements are definitely heard throughout the songs, which was a cool contrast to my usual rock and folk roots. Our music has traveled in many different directions since then, wearing different faces. We have many different influences and they're all part of our expression and method. Muddy Ruckus isn't just our name - it's the kind of music we play".


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